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At EEO, our executive hiring pre-screening is built around FOUR key components; PUBLIC PROFILE.. POTENTIAL THREAT.. PERSONAL CREDIBILITY.. EXPERIENCE. We carry out full verification of facts in these components combined with detailed analysis, cross-referencing and recommendation to provide our clients the complete picture of the individual candidates background. During the pre-screening process, our client will receive an easily digestible and actionable format that will include a detailed executive summary and analysis that will highlight any areas of potential concern, raise any notable points for consideration and provide suggestions on how best to proceed.


Our Physical Security Audit services assesses how effective organizations security policies are being implemented to show where gaps/vulnerabilities might exist in the current policy/procedures and figure out what issues are driving non-compliance. This service also plays an important role in Internal Investigations when anomalies are discovered. Our findings can be used to initiate potential Litigation/Legal Proceedings and also strengthen clients company internal controls to mitigate future problems.


In Transparency, Full Service-Delivery and Accountability, our dispute management/resolution service tracks in an extensive manner, the resolution of all relative disputes associated with our clients company.


At EEO, we offer our clients a very competitive Corporate Intelligence in the areas of Litigation Support, Investigative Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Criminal Defense, Industrial Vulnerability Assessment/ Counter measures and Personal Vulnerability Assessment which are carried out by members of our professionally licensed, insured and staffed team.

EEO Consult has developed a comprehensive array of services à la Carte. We provide a package that leverages our skills and your goals to get you to the next level. It all begins with contacting EEO Consult and we begin a relationship through an individualized process where we determine your goals and create a road map for how to exceed them. Contact EEO Consult at your earliest convenience to get started.

Services Offered
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  • Executive hire pre-screening.

  • Open source analysis

  • Corporate security consulting

  • Physical security audits

  • Threat/Risk assessment 

  • Investigation

  • Company / Community dispute management and resolution 

  • Competitive – Corporate intelligence

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